Newport Vineyards

With over 50-acres of vines, spread across 100-acres of historically preserved farmland, Newport Vineyards prides itself on a robust portfolio of estate-grown wines perfected for over 25 years.

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Winery History. Farming has been in the Nunes family since 1917 when Francisco Nunes (John and Paul’s great-grandfather) acquired his stone-wall-enclosed farm on Wyatt Road. Nearly 70 years later, the first vines were planted by retired Naval Captain Richard Alexander. In 1995 John and Paul Nunes took over from Captain Alexander and Newport Vineyards was born. From here the pair expanded their land by acquiring Perry Farm in 1998. Under the guidance of Winemaker George Chelf they perfected their portfolio of wines and soon grew to become one of Newport County’s most sought after attractions.

In 2012, on the heals of the 20th Anniversary, John and Paul Nunes embarked on a multi-million dollar renovation and expansion of the 30,000+ square foot building, creating what Newport Vineyards has become today; a renowned wine, culinary, craft beer and events destination. Following another land acquisition in 2018, Newport Vineyards now boasts over 100-acres of farmland; preserved for generations to come.